Whisky Tours

Uisge beatha - "The Water of Life" 

Whisky tours in Scotland are an amazing combination of whisky, scenery and history. Add a Highlander guide and you're really in for an adventure! Whether you're a whisky aficionado, or want try your first dram, we would love to take you on a tour to experience Scotland's treasure trove of distilleries. And if whisky isn't your thing, we can take you to a gin distillery or brewery!

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Private Tours

1 Day Private Whisky Tour

Starting at £425 for up to 4 people 

2 Day Private Whisky Tour

Starting at £800 for up to 4 people 

3 Day Private Whisky Tour

Starting at £1250 for up to 4 people 

 Want to tour even longer? Have a larger group? No Problem! Please use the tab below to tell us more about what you are looking For.

   What Is Included?

  • We will pick you up in full Jacobite kit including Lallybroch plaid, swords, dirks, targe, pistols, and flintlock musket - just in case you encounter any marauding rival clans!

  • Transportation 

  • Whisky to toast the day

  • Bottled water and snacks

* Please note - some locations charge an admission fee which is not included in the tour price.  (Average cost of  admission is around £6).

* Locations cannot be guaranteed, but we will always have an exciting backup plan!

* Meals and accommodation are not included in any tours