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Thank you for visiting Highlander Tours! Our kilted guides would be delighted to take you on a tour of their home country! We provide a variety of bespoke services to cater to the Scottish experience you are looking for. Don't let Scotland's wee size fool you - it makes up for that with a jawdropping array of majestic vistas and peaceful views. Whatever your interests amidst all this scenery - castles, whisky distilleries, Outlander, prehistoric stone circles, Pictish stones, Viking ruins, highland cows, ferry rides, plane rides ... we would be thrilled to customise a tour for you.

So where can you go on a Highlander Tours tour? Glencoe, Skye, Loch Lomond, The Hebrides, Cairngorms, Speyside, Islay, The Borders....The possibilities are endless. And for the Outlander fans, our guides are all well versed in the filming locations and the true history they hold. Some of our guides have filmed on multiple seasons of the show! They will give you inside knowledge of the show and the filming locations. We come prepared with extra plaids and prop weapons for you to join in on the fun!

No matter which tour you choose, we promise you a day of Scottish camaraderie, laughter, VIP treatment and memories to treasure.



Lochs, mountains, castles - Scotland's stunning landscapes are a must see for any visitor to Scotland.


From Lallybroch to Culloden, let our Jacobites be your behind the scenes guides to Outlander in Scotland.


Scotland is overflowing with history. Join our guides on a historical tour through our homeland.

The Highlander Team


Andy the Highlander

Andy was a self employed electrician, who had always dreamed of being an actor. He took the first step towards that dream when he joined Real People casting and managed to get some great featured roles. When the call for Outlander came along, Andy jumped at the chance and spent about 60 days on seasons 2 and 3. He was also involved in Seasons 5 and 6. His wife and 2 sons have also filmed on multiple episodes of the show.


After Outlander Andy invested in kilts, swords, muskets, targes and full Jacobite outfit. His video on how to wear the plaid went viral with over 5.3 million views in the first 30 days. He started meeting with Outlander fans from all over the world and immersing himself in 18th Century Scottish history. Andy the Highlander was born - he started taking people on tours and loves every minute! Andy loves to learn and share Scottish history.


Callum Anderson

Callum is a well seasoned Scottish Tour guide with over 7 years experience in the industry.
He has a real passion for showing off the best of Scotland. From the big cinematic landscapes to the historical sites and landmarks. From his experience, he has really specialised in the West of Scotland, Isle of Skye and all things whisky.

He'll take you around our wee country with the famous Scottish patter and storytelling flung in for free!

Travelling with Callum, you'll feel less like a tourist and more like a local, as he'll help you discover some of Scotland's best independent businesses including distilleries, restaurants, and of course, pubs!


Grant McGregor


Grant is an ex offshore geophysicist turned writer, actor and tour guide who met Andy when they both worked over 50 days on Outlander.

When he's not guiding round the stunning land that is Scotland he's writing and producing an 8 part video podcast set in 18th century Scotland. 

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Hailey Beaupre

Hailey moved from the US to Scotland to pursue a career in tour guiding. She has two advanced degrees, in Scottish history and Museum Studies. She has trained and mentored with our Andy the Highlander.


Hailey's career & education has centred around her passion for Scotland’s history and culture, in order to create unique and magical experiences for those who visit.

Hailey would be delighted to take you on an Outlander tour!

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James McKinlay


James is an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide who worked in tourism while living and travelling in New Zealand for 5 years. After 8 years travelling the world he returned home to Scotland to continue his excellent services in sightseeing, history and culture. 

In addition to guiding tours, James is a professional photographer and loves to get outdoors to photograph our stunning Scottish landscapes. He loves to guide all over Scotland but his favourite tours are the ones that take him to Outlander sites (he filmed on Seasons 3 and 4!), the Isle of Skye, and the mountains of Glencoe.

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